John Beatty – Catoctin District School Board

Spread The Word This Spring, This Summer, and This Fall

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Kickoff! I'm grateful for your support.

Every campaign is the result of many people, carrying the baton to the finish line. Please help in any way possible to ensure our children have courageous leadership on the school. 

Leadership to make prudent budget decisions.

Leadership to provide environments for deep work and real learning.

Leadership to put parents, children's primary educators, first.

Leadership to remember the world is a stage, and our children need the right lines.

We have bumper stickers, and if you'd like one, please let me know. We're getting yard signs soon, and we're scheduling meet and greets around the district. Entering your email puts the baton in your hand for this election.

John Teaching Computer Science

Hi, I’m John Beatty.

I'm running to represent you on the Loudoun County School Board.

As a Computer Science teacher and programmer, I think it’s important we realize technical tools aren’t a cure-all, and should be introduced with great care into our children’s daily classroom use. Reading, writing, math, arts, and music are paramount and vital to a well-rounded education. I will focus on fostering well-rounded students in Loudoun.

The education offered by LCPS is among the best in the entire nation. I’m thankful for this terrific opportunity for my children. A key element to making our schools so successful is parental involvement. As a member of the Loudoun School Board, I intend to focus on parents’ involvement, specifically their right in determining how best their child(ren) should be educated. My educational background alone includes public and private education as well as homeschooling. We all understand every child learns differently, and I will make sure parents have the options available to guide their children as they see fit including access to IEP’s and hybrid learning programs.

I will work to support our smaller, rural elementary schools. They deserve our support, and I will fight to keep them in top condition, so that the school communities around them are preserved.  

I’m not able to to win this election and bring these changes to the School Board without you. If these sound like welcome additions to your public schools, please consider supporting me.


John Beatty